Word Shredder
Word Shredder is a newspaper cutout simulator that I created in November 2016 to promote support for Hilary Clinton through Twitter during The US Presidential Election in the same year. Though the source code is not complete, and the project failed in it's objective, the prototype application serves here as proof of concept and may still be of use to other artists and designer.

The application begins by asking you to enter some text. Use the ^ symbol ["U+005E" : "Circumflex Accent"] to break lines. Use the [prt sc / sysrq] button on your keypad (or touch screen equivalent) to screen capture the resulting text to your clipboard, then paste into image editing software or a rich text editor. Use the [space bar] or tap to redraw the text.

Credit to the mother of my child for the title to this project.

"For most of my life I have tried to seperate my political views from my artwork, but the series of sample images above are an exception. To conclude, beyond propaganda art, this application has potential...please enjoy" @daveExpress